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How do you get more familiar with your camera?

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

I recently had a bad case of Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS), so instead of purchasing new equipment I decided to work with what I have. Which is great gear anyway.

What I realized is that I was not as familiar with my camera since switching from Nikon to Canon and I lost my interest in making photos. So I looked all over the internet for different ideas from other photographers, and challenges kept coming up. I sat back for a few days and decided, I will force myself to take photos everyday for 15 Minutes.

Now these photos are not going to be the most glamorous but I freed myself to take bad images and work on my ability to compose and see light as it interacts with the subject. This drill has become something that I look forward to everyday and now I am sharing with you some of my images from this weeks drill.

Moving forward, I will keep uploading images from my 15 minute drills and I will warn you, some of them will likely be ugly, unflattering and uninspiring. For me, thats just fine. My goal with this drill is to gain familiarity with my camera.

With that said, if you are up for it why don't you join me on this adventure to relearning photography.

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