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Preparing for photo day

Thank you for registering for photo day! To ensure the best success with your child's photos, please take some time to review the information listed below. You can also bookmark this page to review at a later date. If you have any questions about photo day, please send me an email at

Image by Lavi Perchik

Get a good night of sleep

Rest is critical for great photos! Please make sure your child gets a good night of rest the night before their photo day. If they are sleepy on the day of the photo, it will impact their mood and personality which will come through in the images. 

Choosing the right outfit

Choosing the right outfit is important, and has an impact on the final image. When choosing an outfit for your child, make sure they are comfortable and really like the way they look in it. The goal of my photography is to capture the personality of your child so you have that memory for a life time. 

Choose neutral colors and minimize patterns

Neutral colors are important as it minimizes distraction in the image and makes the photo all about your child. Solid colors are preferred, but multi-color shirts will be fine as long as they don't have large logos and large patterns. I would also like to mention that white is not the best neutral color for photo day since the primary backdrop is white when shooting in a studio setting. 

Accessories are awesome

If your child enjoys accessories and it highlights their personality please feel free to bring them. If the accessory is too large or distracting in the image, I will ask them to remove it temporarily so I can get a variety of images with and without the accessory. If the accessory is critical to the wardrobe staying on the child, I ask that parents ensure the accessory is not shiny.

No need to practice smiles too much

Please talk with your child about the photo day, but no need to over-practice smiles. I will have a casual conversation with them and direct their smile to get the most natural look possible. If your child is shy to the camera, then it would be a good idea to have them practice with you and your smartphone. This will help them warm up a lot faster on picture day.

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