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ON1 Photo RAW Basics Course

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Let's get your photos from the camera to your friends and do it all using ON1. This course is taught using ON1 Photo Raw 2022, but the principles taught can be applied in previous versions of the software. The ON1 Photo Raw Basics course is designed for new photographers or photographers new to ON1 Photo Raw software. You don’t have to have any prior knowledge of photo editing to take this course, but if you are familiar with any of the popular photo editing programs on the market you will learn how ON1 handles some of the basic tasks of editing a photo. There are 11 total training modules in the course that take you through the basics of photo editing from Importing to exporting. By the end of this course, you will have a basic understanding of how ON1 Photo Raw works. This course is intended to set the foundation to take your photo editing experience further in the future. If you have used previous versions of ON1 and are familiar with the structure and functionality of the software, then this course will not benefit you. I will not be teaching any of the specific new features found in the later versions of ON1 in this course. Module Outline 1. Navigating in ON1 Photo Raw 2. Importing your images 3. Managing extras in ON1 Photo Raw 4. Cropping your image 5. Removing digital noise 6. Exposing the image 7. Adding effects 8. Masking basics 9. Adding local adjustments in ON1 10. Spot Removal and blemish editing 11. Using the export module

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